Package Grading

It's happened to all of us. We make an online purchase, only to be disappointed when we open the box and see a poorly packed product with damaged packaging. As we all know, package condition is very important with collectible items; it makes a difference in display, enjoyment, and value.

Many retailers tend to ignore the importance of collecting or not be operationally designed to support collecting. This is what makes BigBadToyStore different – we recognize collecting and have the functional systems in place to accommodate the collector. Our entire website, warehouse, and system are built around the idea that a collector should be able to choose the condition of their product and receive it in that condition when they open their package.

The BBTS Difference

When a shipment arrives at the dock our staff sorts, grades, and warehouses the products by the condition of the packaging. When purchasing a product you will choose from several different packaging grade options:

Standard Grade

Most products arriving at our warehouse are in Standard Grade condition, meaning they are fresh out of the case with only minor issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, or creases. These don’t take away from the overall appearance of the packaging and are suitable for opening or for display in their package. Standard grade, however, may not meet the needs of the serious collector who wants near-mint to mint packaging. That is why we offer Collector’s Grade.
Standard Packaging

Collector’s Grade

Collector's Grade is for the discerning collector who wants the item's packaging to be near to mint as possible. We go through a rigorous process to find Collector's Grade items. Each item is inspected, graded, and verified by two people before being accepted. Next, each item is wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent any future scuffing or scratching and placed in a custom made box which is sized to fit the product. This box is then sealed, labeled, and carefully stored in our warehouse. When the item is shipped we securely pack it in another box providing additional protection.

Collector Packaging Collector Packaging Collector Packaging Collector Packaging

Substandard Grade

Substandard Grade products are items with considerable packaging wear. They are not typically suitable for display in their packaging, but are perfect for opening as the items themselves are still brand new and mint-in-box.

Substandard Packaging
Substandard Packaging

Damaged Grade

Damaged Grade items are a step below Substandard Grade. The packaging on these items is more or less destroyed and may be opened, but the items themselves are still in mint condition. If you can get over the initial packaging shock, it is a good way to pick up items at a discounted price!

Damaged Packaging
Substandard Packaging

Ungraded Items

Not all items that we sell are graded. Why? Some items don’t have packaging or have an inherent value based on the packaging condition. We only grade those products that benefit from doing so. Don’t worry though; ungraded items are still new and in case-fresh condition.


We warehouse our own product. We don’t use fulfillment centers. We control every aspect to ensure that your order arrives in the condition you expect. Our warehouse staff is trained to consistently identify our grading requirements. Products are warehoused and inventoried according to their assigned grade; the grades remain physically separated within the warehouse. Our warehouse staff is trained in the art of packing orders so your items are protected and arrive in the desired condition. Our warehouse is clean, organized, and climate controlled. All of these elements are critical to our process and philosophy of the collectible market.
BBTS Warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to make sure that the item you ordered arrives in the condition you expect. If you are not satisfied you may return unopened items within 30 days of receiving your shipment. For more details please read our Return Policy.

Collector's Grade packaging is meant for display. If you open your items we recommend you choose a different grade if available.

Almost all items that are double taped occur during the manufacturing process. This can happen as a normal quality control step at the factory. Should a rare case occur in which it is necessary for us to open and retape the packaging it will be clearly stated in the product details listed on our website.

Every package has some sort of minor imperfection that makes it less than perfect. This is due to the manufacturing, shipping, and handling that occurs to all products. We meticulously inspect, grade, and verify each item to ensure that the packaging is as near to mint as possible. If you are dissatified with the condition of Collector's Grade product you receive you may return it for a full refund. Please see our Return Policy for more details.

Collector's Grade is an assessment of the packaging. Unfortunately we are not able to review the physical contents inside and only make judgment on the outer packaging.

Not all items that we sell are graded. Some items don’t have packaging or have an inherent value based on the packaging condition. We only grade those products that benefit from doing so. Don’t worry though; ungraded items are still new and in case-fresh condition.

Products must meet certain criteria to be considered for Collector's Grade. We typically do not offer Collector's Grade on large items or items with a packaging style that historically has not been suitable for Collector's Grade.

All case sales are sold and shipped as sealed cases. We do not open and inspect the contents within a case. Please use discretion when ordering case sales, as we do not offer exchanges or refunds on opened cases.