Pile of Loot

The Pile of Loot gives you total control and flexibility over your orders and shipping. You can:

  • Save on shipping by holding and combining your orders and pre-orders
  • Hold items for up to 90 days
  • Ship any combination of items and orders
  • Control the size of your shipments
  • Ship at a time when it is most convenient for you

How Does it Work?

During checkout you can either ship items immediately or add them to your Pile of Loot. When you choose the Pile of Loot, no shipping or tax will be due until items are shipped.
Pile of Loot Step 1
Add as many items as you want to your Pile of Loot. Each item can stay in your Pile of Loot for up to 90 days. When you are ready, select any combination of items you wish to ship!
Pile of Loot Step 2
Choose your shipping address, shipping method, and payment method. Shipping fees and applicable tax will be due at this time. Click “Ship My Loot Now” and you are done!
Pile of Loot Step 3

The Pile of Loot is a great idea!

The Pile of Loot has grown organically from listening to the needs of our customers and developing a solution to meet them. It has gone through multiple iterations since it was originally introduced in 2005. We are very excited about its current feature set, which will continue to evolve and improve.

Items that reach 90 days

You may choose to hold any or all of your items in the Pile of Loot for up to 90 days. You will receive email notification when any items near the 90 day limit and you have not yet shipped them. Please ship them before the 90 days have passed to give yourself the most control over your shipments and shipping savings. To maintain our warehouse space, any items that reach the 90 day limit and have not yet shipped will automatically ship using the following guidelines:

  • Any items held for more than 90 days will ship together.
  • All items will ship to your preferred shipping address.
  • Any shipping and tax will be charged to your preferred payment method, unless store credit is available, which will automatically be used first.
  • The cheapest shipping method option will be used. For those shipping internationally, Buyer's Risk methods are excluded.

If payment to ship your Pile of Loot is declined, you will be given four days to resubmit and successfully pay. If payment is not made, all expired items will be canceled for BBTS Store Credit.

Canceling Items in Your Pile of Loot

You may cancel items in your Pile of Loot at any time. If the item is canceled within 7 days of first being added to your Pile of Loot, your original payment method will be refunded. If more than 7 days have passed, your refund will be issued in BBTS Store Credit.

If an excessive number of items are canceled from your Pile of Loot and you are found to be abusing the system, your account will be changed to no longer allow cancellations from your Pile of Loot.

Pile of Loot Eligibility

Not all products are eligible for the Pile of Loot. Ineligible products must ship immediately upon purchase. When a product is ineligible for the Pile of Loot, it will be stated on the product details page. If your shopping cart contains any in-stock item that cannot be added to the Pile of Loot, all in-stock items in your order will ship immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it's FREE!

No, it's optional!

We are not able to offer any extensions beyond 90 days for items in your Pile of Loot.

Each order added to your Pile of Loot must be paid within 4 days before those items are canceled and removed from your account. Please see our Payment FAQ for more information.

Yes! Our Pile of Loot allows you to select any or all of your items to ship. Separate shipments will be subject to standard shipping and handling fees, which are paid after you have selected the items to ship.

Payments must be completed within 4 days. We are unable to hold inventory beyond that time. Please see our Payments Guide for more information.

Yes. Items in your Pile of Loot can be held for up to 90 days. You can ship items at any time during this window. When selecting a shipping method you will be given an estimated date or date range for delivery.

When you release items from your Pile of Loot you specify a shipping address which allows us to calculate if any applicable sales tax is due. We must collect sales tax for orders shipping to specific states. To see which states qualify, please see our FAQ on Sales Tax.

No shipping fees are charged when you add items to your Pile of Loot. When you release items from your Pile of Loot, you will select an address which allows us to calculate the amount of shipping that will be due.

The Pile of Loot lets you consolidate the number of shipments needed to ship all items you order. By lowering the number of shipments, you save money on shipping fees.